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Whether in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK or Turkey – RWE has brought several major international power plant projects to the grid in recent years, investing some of the highest sums in its company history. With the launch of RWE’s new subsidiary RWE Renewables, which will focus on expanding renewable energy worldwide, a whole new chapter in the company’s history will begin in parallel to the power plant projects. A total of 1.5 million euros net per year have been earmarked for investment in renewables and storage technologies, including offshore and onshore wind power as well as photovoltaics. In collaboration with our partners, we should thus be able to create an additional two to three gigawatts per year, a large proportion of which will be part of the RWE Renewables portfolio. 

Engineers, developers, technicians and researchers collaborate to create new, innovative technologies, carry out attractive projects and thus drive forward the restructuring of the energy landscape. In the interests of our customers, rather than being satisfied with the status quo in technology we prefer to stay one step ahead. And this will enable us to help shape the sustainable energy supply of the future. 

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