A fuel with a future

Proportion of biomass to be significantly increased

In addition, the wood gasification plant there, which is the biggest in Europe, can also convert waste wood from construction sites and from demolitions into wood gas using promising new technology. This is then cleaned and used as an additional fuel source.   

In future, more and more biomass is to be used in Amer. The relevant agreements have already been made within the National Energy Agreement in the Netherlands.   

The double-unit coal plant in Eemshaven is also technically in a position to be able to significantly increase the proportion of biomass in power generation. 

Biomass and biogas at innogy*

Information on biomass at innogy can be found here:



* The linked contents refer to the innogy renewables business, which is planned to be integrated into the RWE target structure as part of the exchange of assets and businesses agreed between RWE and E.ON.