RWE bears social responsibility


In North Rhine-Westphalia, well above 40 % of electricity comes from lignite-fired power plants. In theory, this means that one in two households in Germany, or over 20 million in total, are provided with safe, reliable electricity in this way. This energy generation gives rise to great responsibility towards local residents, communities, the media, suppliers, employees and many more interest groups. We live up to this social responsibility in the form of numerous projects, measures and initiatives. 

We stand out, all thanks to our the security of supply we provide

RWE Power relies on a wide mix of primary energy sources from lignite, coal, nuclear power, gas and hydroelectricity, which are all used by us to produce a secure electricity supply. Only an energy mix that makes use of all options can safeguard cost-effective and environmentally friendly energy generation. The power plants are operated flexibly in order to make up for the fluctuations in feed-in from renewable energy sources – only by doing so can a reliable energy supply be effective within a balanced mix of the broad RWE power plant portfolio. 

RWE is a founding member of the Bettercoal initiative

Cooperation with other energy companies is essential in order to emphasise the requirement for sustainable production and transportation practices within the coal supply chain. Together with other major coal consumers, we founded the Bettercoal initiative in 2012. By the end of 2016, Bettercoal had 13 large European energy companies as its members. The ports in the Netherlands have also joined the initiative as associate members. 

Our aim: to create environmental and social standards in coal production

Bettercoal is a long-term project that audits coal mines around the world and provides its members with the results in order to bring about an enduring improvement process. The initiative instigates the necessary improvements in terms of environmental protection, mining and work conditions, and tracks their implementation. Bettercoal leads to an intensive dialogue with all interest groups and those affected, including the mining companies and mine operators.

  • WE 4 EUROPE – the economic initiative promoting the future of Europe

    RWE is a European energy company with sites in many different countries. Its success is thanks to the unique economic and political conditions in Europe, just like countless other companies that have their headquarters in one of the EU Member States. RWE is working together with high-profile partners to champion our shared economic and social environment. With an undeniable commitment to Europe, the company’s alliance wants to remind people of the compelling advantages of Europe and to restore people’s faith in the European concept. 

    Commitment to Europe (PDF)