Gundremmingen combined cycle power plant

Gas-fired power plants are an integral part of the energy supply of the future

In order to cover the market requirements of the future, RWE is constantly working on expanding its power plant portfolio. Because the increased feed-in of renewable energies into the grid results in fluctuation, the energy supply requires more stability and flexibility. Gas-fired power plants could provide the solution to this, as proven by the Gundremmingen project, for example. These OCGT projects are gas turbines with an open cycle, which are already known to be highly efficient and productive. In this particular case, grid bottlenecks in south Germany will soon lead to lower capacities in energy supply. Grid operators are currently expecting a deficit of around 2,000 megawatts. In this context, RWE is developing a new OCGT plant in Gundremmingen as part of a joint venture with Siemens. This project proposal is just one of many modernisations and innovations that RWE is driving forward in its core markets of the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. 

Stage picture copyright: Siemens AG