The safety of local residents is our top priority

It’s not just the health and safety of RWE’s employees that is given top priority, but also that of residents local to the coal-fired and nuclear power plants. The RWE management is working continually on cutting-edge safety precautions, preventive measures and emergency response plans for any potential major incident or breakdown that could have an impact on the surrounding region and its residents. To this end, the major accidents officers for the individual power plants are in a permanent dialogue with the relevant specialist departments. The local fire brigades, risk prevention authorities and district councils are integrated into this process. 

Regular drills and continuous dialogue with the public

A major instrument of the new Major Accidents Ordinance is communication with the general public. RWE is engaged in regular dialogue with fire brigades, residents and the media. 

Regular community drills also ensure constant readiness for action – for example, in the relatively unlikely event of an ammonia gas leak. After all, ammonia is used in the flue gas cleaning facilities in coal-fired power plants to remove nitrogen oxide.