Further financing instruments

EMTN / Debt Issuance Programme (DIP)

RWEs "Euro Medium Term Notes" (EMTN), also called "Debt Issuance Programme" (DIP), is a flexible financing instrument to issue senior bonds and private placements. It is our major tool for long-term refinancing on the capital market. 

Issuer RWE AG
Volume EUR 10 billion, no restrictions on currencies
Term Up to 30 years
Issuance Public bonds or private placements; unsecured and unsubordinated, no financial covenants
Listing Luxembourg SE
Documentation Updated once a year with one year validity

Here you may find all relevant details on RWE’s Debt issuance Programme.

Commercial Paper Programme (CP)

RWE’s Global Commercial Paper Programme is another flexible financing instrument. It enables RWE to issue short-term notes of up to US$5 billion on the money market. The issuances take place in form of the European commercial paper programme (ECP) or U.S. commercial paper (USCP).

Issuer RWE AG
Volume USD 5 billion, no currency restrictions for the European CP; US CP in USD only
Term Up to 364 days

Here you may find all relevant details on RWE’s Commercial Paper Programme.