Bernd Kamphuis

Head of Contract Management & Project Support

Starting 20 years ago as a lawyer with a focus on construction law, Bernd is now, for over 15 years, engaged in the energy industry in the power plant construction and revision business. His core activity is the contract and claim management. Bernd has extensive experience in all aspects of power plant projects, he takes care of the projects from the beginning to the end. Bernd does not only have excellent knowledge of commercial aspects but also of the technical items.

During his years of practical experience Bernd worked in Europe (Germany, Netherland, UK, and Turkey) as well as in South America (Colombia) and Asia (Philippines).

Over the years he supervised a number of IPP projects of various nature (BOT, BOOT, BOO, DBFO) with various suppliers along the entire energy project value chain. 

What gives you most satisfaction in your work?

The planning and implementation of projects is tainted with complexity and numerous rows stumbling to solve this in a team for customer satisfaction, this is what makes me feel good.

Why did you choose RWE TI?

International plant construction is one of the last great adventures. Working in cross cultural teams, inter-divisional between engineering, legal, commercial and so on.

“Your business is our daily work!”
What it means to me:

Because we have not only looked into and took care of the entire new construction business of the RWE Group, but also have been involved in revisions and efficiencies programs, it is a daily business for us. You will profit from our experience. Furthermore, our asset is the experience as operator of power plants and open pit mines since decades.