Frits Laugeman

Head of Project Management Services

Frits leads the firm’s project management team. With over 30 years’ experience in project execution, Frits is a recognized senior project management professional. With his vast expertise in all aspects of project delivery, he is a leader in his field. With emphasis on finding practical, quick workaround solutions to project challenges, Frits brings his enthusiasm and excellent communication skills to each project he manages.

Before joining RWE in 2008 he gained 20 years extensive experience in design, engineering, commissioning and start-up of various plants in the petrochemical and energy industry. He knows very well to walk in our client’s shoes as he is familiar with the role of a project owner as well as contractor at jobs in Europe, USA, South Africa, China and the Middle East.
Frits earned his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering focusing on Energy Technology from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands.  

What gives you most satisfaction in your work?

…the construction process with all members of the execution team, the owner and contractor. That process requires collaboration to best satisfy the competing project goals – safety reliability, cost and quality.

Why did you choose RWE TI?

The scale and complexity of projects over the past decades at RWE enable us to share our experience with others. In a lot of societies worldwide, energy is a burden for health in an urban environment. It makes me proud looking at an improved plant and saying “We did that!”

“You have the choice” and “Your challenge is our passion” 
What it means to me:

It is your choice to work with RWETI as your partner. It is our challenge and passion to ensure your requirements and wishes are fulfilled in a competent and competitive manner.