Gill Hunter

Environmental Policy and Analysis Team Group Head

Gill leads a multi-disciplinary team who manage environmental risks associated with conventional generation. As well as tracking and influencing developing environmental regulation, the team provide environmental case-making, utilizing the team’s strengths in quantitative analysis and modelling.  These strengths have also been applied to wider strategic issues for our sector, such as developing models to assess the impact of wind intermittency and PV.

Gill has worked in the UK electricity industry for nearly 30 years, undertaking a variety of roles in the field of air quality.  Her experience includes hands-on research,  air quality modelling and case-making and the development and management of technical work programmes to address key environmental risks.

More recently Gill has focused on environmental strategy and the company’s positioning and engagement on developing policy and regulatory issues.  Gill is an active member of sector working groups and currently chairs a group on developing emission methodologies, working with regulators to ensure that the requirements of current and future legislation are met in a cost-effective way. Her team has a strong profile across key developing policy & regulatory issues and this expertise adds value in project development and environmental case-making contexts.   

What gives you most satisfaction in your work?

When well-constructed arguments based on sound analysis and/or science actually have a real impact.

Why did you choose RWE Generation?

I enjoy the variety of issues covered by my role and the supportive team working environment – I am part of a team who are always willing and able to  solve difficult problems.

“Your challenge is our passion”
What it means to me:

We thrive on using our experience and expertise to solve your problems.