Jack Beks

Senior Business Development & Sales Manager

With over 30 years of experience in Energy Systems Jack had the opportunity to experience many types of Power Generation via Hard Coal, Natural Gas to Waste and Renewables.

Not only from a mechanical and thermodynamic technological point of view but also in different asset development stages like opportunity and project development, project execution and operational management.

The fact that he worked in different positions as Owner, Contractor, Supplier and Competitor (of RWE) both in Europe (including Ukraine and Turkey) as well as USA and China enables him to understand and analyse your wishes and translate them into actions which will support you to reach your objectives.

His educational background is Mechanical Engineering differentiation Energy Technology completed with Business Administration and courses on Project Management and Operational Management

What gives you the most satisfaction in your work?

Completing a project or assignment for a customer and developing the team involved along the way is what makes me smile.

Why did you choose RWE TI?

Developing, building a new or modified power Plant for our own company which will operate it for 30 years makes you focus on the Total Cost of Ownership instead of the Total Investment Cost alone. RWETI has the opportunity to share this broad RWE knowledge with the external market. For this RWETI is structured in a way all staff members are empowered to contribute to this objective. The international contacts and enthusiastic colleagues are what makes me happy at RWETI.

“Your challenge is our passion!” -
What it means to me:

Understanding your challenges and mobilize our internal knowledge and experience to you to get closer to your objectives is a puzzle that drives me.

“You have the choice!”
What it means to me:

RWETI can be involved in your business in many ways. We are happy to find the most suitable one for your situation including (partly) adapting your processes or ways of working. You are in the lead!