Mark Eberlein

Mechanical Engineer

Dipl. Ing. Mark Eberlein studied mechanical engineering at Aachen Technical University (Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen) and joined RWE as an operational engineer in the “Hambach opencast mine” in 1999. He did a lot of major maintenance projects in different open cast mines in the Rhenish lignite area. Mark is responsible for the quality management and the technical support at the RWE Maintenance & Engineering Center in Frechen near Cologne.

Since 2012 Mark and his team drive digital pilot projects such as integrated & mobile SAP solutions for a better servicing, inspection, repair and improvement of the opencast mining assets.

What gives you most satisfaction in your work?

The creation of a perfect process in a highly complex business fascinates me a lot. Additionally, the variety of every day in terms of new experiences and new processes is an excellent model for me.

Why did you choose RWE TI?

RWE TI offers the opportunity to work with a lot of different people having diverse backgrounds and capabilities. This represents a high value so everybody can learn from each other and create a great benefit together.

“Our aim is your success” 
What it means to me:

Success is a fair aspect. It is a measureable figure and brings a lot of fun along the way. The success of all contributors itself is a necessary objective in the whole Process Management and its sub-processes. The digitalization is a great advantage for us, offering new tools combined with our knowledge in procedure analysis. It is important for everyone – from Installation Engineer to Business Manager!