Nikolaus von Bargen (Ph.D.)

Senior Geologist & Mining Engineer

Nikolaus von Bargen is an expert in mineral resource estimation of complex mineral and lignite deposits. During his geology studies he got sidetracked by a Ph.D. in experimental petrology and post-doc work on high pressure behavior of iron, before returning to geology. He started to work as a mine geologist with a South African gold mine in 1990 and moved on to a Bushveld platinum mine in 1993 to develop and maintain the mineral resource model. Later he assisted his colleagues from the head office in mineral resource estimation and also developed economic models of mineral deposits. In 1999 he joined Uranerzbergbau (later merged into RWE Technology International). During his turn as business development manager he picked up a lot of understanding of power plants and the WTA lignite drying technology which was being developed by RWE. Since 2009 Nikolaus works again as mineral and coal resource geologist on projects around the world, ranging from peat in Bangladesh to lignite in Turkey to strategic availability of lithium and rare earth elements.

Nikolaus has contributed to the development of the South African SAMREC mineral reporting code, and to the Canadian CIM Standards on Mineral Resource and Reserves. 

What gives you most satisfaction in your work?

The incredible variety of topics that I can work on, which make every day unique.

Why did you choose RWE TI?

Because I knew that this is exactly the right place for me.

"Your challenge is our passion!"
What it means to me:

I am always motivated to find the best solution for our client.