Stefanie Pitschke

Proposal Manager

As a member of our Proposals Team, Stefanie ensures in various Thermal Generation projects that our proposals are accurate and carefully drafted. She reviews and negotiates contracts providing advice regarding risk and policy compliance as well as managing the supply-process.

Her work is strongly focused on knowing what satisfies our clients while composing the right experts for the job. With her enthusiasm to ensure a proper project start she supports the firm in its endeavors to achieve a successful and sustainable outcome for our clients and society.

Stefanie earned her Master of Science in Energy Economics from the RWTH Aachen / University of Münster in 2015 and her diploma degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Applied Science, Aachen, in 2004.

What gives you most satisfaction in your work?

To see how we can implement a solution we found for our client. We build our business upon our long-term experience and know-how through the transfer to our client’s requirements.

Why did you choose RWE TI?

I come from the Rhenish area between Cologne, Aachen and Mönchengladbach. In this region RWE has a long tradition in lignite mining and electricity production and operates as a long-term appealing employer.

“You have the choice!”
What it means to me:

Under the new energy market conditions in Germany we create a new RWE – more flexible and efficient with the experience of more than hundred years in energy production.