Zoe Harrison

Environmental Management Team Group Head

Zoe leads a multi-disciplinary team who manage consenting, permitting and environmental management within RWE Generation UK.  Consenting and permitting covers the whole lifecycle of projects from the design stage to demolition. It involves a large range of stakeholder interactions, production of application documents and supporting information, and advice on legislative requirements.

In terms of environmental management Zoe’s team offers support for environmental management systems, ecological advice, collation and presentation of environmental and corporate responsibility data and day to day site environmental management support.  They also supply geo-spatial graphics output across RWE Generation.

Zoe has worked in the UK electricity industry for 14 years. Previous to that she worked for both an environmental regulator and an environmental consultancy after graduating with a Natural Environmental Sciences degree.  Her particular area of experience is environmental permitting and she has been involved in obtaining the permits for new gas-fired power stations, re-permitting of sites as a result of changes in legislation, variations to reflect site changes and more recently in surrender applications following site closures.  Zoe is an active member of the sector working group on permitting, liaising with environmental regulators on the practical implementation of new legislation and ways forward on emerging site issues. 

What gives you most satisfaction in your work?

When our team delivers effective practical solutions to consenting and environmental issues.

Why did you choose RWE TI?

To have an input into the environmental direction of a business where environmental issues play an important part in how it operates.

“Keep it simple”
What it means to me:

Don’t make things more complicated than they need to be, search for the simplest solution which delivers the required result.