Our mining experts can develop equipment specifications that match the demands of each mining project, assist in design specifications and supervise the manufacturing, assembly and commissioning of equipment, if needed onsite. We ensure overall efficiency by reducing costs and downtimes. 

Drawing from our core competencies in continuous mining methods and in-pit crushing and conveying (IPCC) systems we carry out multiple services in the field of conveying and logistics. We assist our clients as independent advisor or owners engineer by reducing costs and strengthening their position with our professional staff. 

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Your Benefits

  • Get expert advice on operational, efficient and value added equipment solutions 
  • Analysis of breakdowns - Reduce costs and downtimes 
  • Get support in designing of the whole conveyor chain-systems 

Our Scope

  • Planning Process

    • CAPEX /OPEX /KPI estimation 
    • Crushing and screening 
    • Bulk material handling equipment 
    • Erection site supervision 
    • Inspection services (mine, stockpile, port) 
    • Retrofits, rejuvenations, overhauls 
    • Production and equipment schedule optimization 
    • Run-of-mine tonnage and grade scheduling 
    • Equipment, staff and material requirements determination 
    • Operational planning (short, mid, long term) 
    • Project evaluation incl. cost and financial modelling 
    • Expert witness / reports / arbitration 
    • Mine closure & relocation planning

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