Changes in legal and commercial environment can make it difficult to settle possible disputes with suppliers, clients or governments. As disputes are sensitive issues, our expert engineers act as independent expert advisors or witnesses to help avoid or resolve disputes.

Our arbitration services include to give oral evidence and offer unbiased opinions in written form, direct testimony, and courtroom testimony. In addition we support an alternative dispute resolution by on-site investigations, reviews of documentary evidence and technical, forensic root-cause analysis. When appointed post-action, we assist the court on technical matters after proceedings have commenced. 

Our senior professionals have the necessary experience, know-how and training to provide litigation support and expert witness testimony. RWE experts have utilized their specialist engineering knowledge covering relevant technical disciplines to testify in various mining and power arbitration and litigation matters. 

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Your Benefits

  • Independent, reliable and unbiased advice 
  • Renowned technical experts 
  • Speed-up dispute resolution 
  • Avoid disputes 
  • Restore business relationships and confidence 
  • Trusted partner in arbitration proceedings 

Our Scope

  • Expert areas

    • Power plants 
    • Mining 
    • Distressed assets 
    • Structural engineering  
    • Civil engineering 
    • Mechanical engineering 
    • Geotechnical engineering 
    • Geological interpretations 
    • Quality analyses 
    • Corrosion engineering 
    • Forensic engineering 
    • Asset valuations 
    • Safety, accidents, injuries 
    • Fires, explotions 
    • Water ingress 
    • Noise and vibration 
    • Cracking 

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