Ageing plants worldwide are operating beyond their intended design life. We support power plant operators to improve operational efficiency. This includes the evaluation of plant improvement and upgrade programs to maximize the plants ROI, keeping them compliant, competitive, efficient and reliable. 

Our expertise spans all types of equipment and all forms of fuel. We can give confidence to power plant operators and owners that the value of your assets will be restored to the most productive level appropriate to the business conditions in which you are operating. 

Plant Performance 

We will review your current plant condition, examine levels of system redundancy, and advise where best to invest for the most profitable balance between risk and reward. 

Plant Rehabilitation 

Our plant rehabilitation engineers are specialist in evaluating and upgrading generation plant to prolong asset life and improve performance. We have experience in refurbishing power stations around the world. We can devise and implement investment strategies that deliver enhanced asset value. 

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Your Benefits

  • Optimize your plant’s output and performance 
  • Maximize your plant’s reliability and efficiency 
  • Reduce emissions 
  • Maintain your asset and ensure fitness for service and safety 

Our Scope

  • Plant improvements

    • Technical survey and analysis of best Return On Investment (ROI) solution for matured plants 
    • Conversion, Rehabilitation, Retrofit, Upgrade and Lifetime Extension of components or total plants 
    • Plant performance evaluation and recommendations of improvements 

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