Water is fundamental to the power production process, applied to control temperature during electricity generation and to treat waste. Naturally plant operators are keen to make the most efficient use of water possible, especially in dry regions where water is scarce.

Water and wastewater treatment, desalination, water conservation and reuse, system optimization and efficiency as well as quality protection are some of the emerging plant issues that we fully embrace and understand at RWE.  

We support our clients in their efforts to protect the environment yet optimize power plant performance and efficiency. With sophisticated water / wastewater treatment facilities and purification processes we help operators prevent corrosion as well as clogging of pipes, boilers and turbines. RWE is also a leading expert in engineering and managing flue gas desulphurization (FGD) technology. The FGD technology is used to cut sulphur dioxide (SO2) by removing pollutants from flue gases in wet scrubbers. Through spraying the gas with a mixture of water and puverised limestone, the droplets absorb the SO2. effectively preventing > 90% emitting into the atmosphere. 

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Your Benefits

  • Cut plant emissions  
  • Improve plant efficiency  
  • Minimise the need for energy- and chemical- intensive treatment 
  • Understand your plant’s water and wastewater treatment needs 
  • Comply with environmental standards and regulations  
  • Receive independent, reliable technology advice 
  • Use sustainability to maximise benefits 

Our Scope

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