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Combined Cycle Gas Turbine

Dormagen CCGT plant

Facts and figures

Power plant location  Dormagen, North Rhine-Westphalia 
Power plant type Combined-cycle gas and steam turbine power plant with 2 gas turbines and 1 steam turbine 
Commissioned in  2000 
Total electrical output (net)  560 MW 
Thermal capacity  1050 MJ/s 
Max. process steam flow  500 t/h  
Steam supply by Currenta  up to 440 t/h (steam boiler systems) 

Electricity and steam for the CHEMPARK in Dormagen

Under the terms of the steam- and electricity-supply contract for what is now CHEMPARK (Bayer at the time of signing) of March 1998, RWE Generation SE committed to constructing a modern combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) plant on the premises. In addition, the company took over a neighbouring gas-fired cogeneration plant ("boiler 10"). The new CCGT replaces the previous lignite- and natural gas-fired power plants at the Dormagen site which were mostly shut down after the new systems were commissioned. 

Max. output: 560 megawatts

Each of the two gas turbines has an output of 190 MW, while the downstream steam turbine also has a maximum output of 190 MW. Taking into account the plant-related minimum steam extraction (100 t/h) and after deducting the CCGT's own requirements, its maximum electric output amounts to 560 MW. RWE generates electricity for CHEMPARK operators CURRENTA with up to 260 MWel. All electricity that is generated is fed into the local 110-kV grid.

Steam extraction in line with operational requirements

Next to electrical generation, process-steam of up to 500 t/h on the 31, 16 and 6-bar pressure levels is produced. Steam is fed into the grids of CURRENTA, the operator of the chemical park in Dormagen, as required during operations.

20 months construction time 

After only 20 months construction time, steam supply at the Dormagen works from the new CCGT plant started on an assured basis as per 1 July 2000. The natural gas-fired cogeneration plant (boiler 10), taken over from Bayer AG at the time, was also re-commissioned 16 days later, after being retrofitted. Since then, the old cogeneration plant served above all to underpin the location's steam supply. In 2021, boiler 10 will be decommissioned. Currently, steam is supplied by a steam boiler plant which is being built by CHEMPARK operators CURRENTA. As a result of the steam supply and in line with the principles of the energy transition, electricity can also be bought on the external market, depending on the supply of electricity from renewables at favourable prices.

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