Due Diligence And Investment Consulting

Techno-economic asset valuation

Client Chinese Power Utility
Location Slovakia / China
Expertise Due Diligence, Technical Advisor, Conventional Generation, Hydro, Nuclear, Plant Equipment, Cost Estimation, Energy Trading


On the basis of M&A plans, RWE advised a Chinese Power Utility interested to invest capital in shares of a Slovakian Power Utility from an Italian shareholder. 

To make informed, strategic decisions about the capital investment in the Slovakian Energy Sector, RWE supported the client with a comprehensive asset valuation package.

Our role was to conduct due diligence and provide a comprehensive report reviewing all the technical and commercial aspects of the total generation portfolio, comprising 6 nuclear-,
5 conventional- and 39 hydro power plants. On conducting a thorough market study report including an economic model with several scenarios and market risks, we further supported our clients information appetite.

In addition, our energy market experts provided a training in Eastern-European Energy Market fundamentals and Trading. The customized training package explored general principles of how gas and power markets work and how trading is carried out in the various different types of market – spot and forward, exchange-based and OTC.

Our Services

  • Assessement of plant engineering concepts
  • Site visits and document reviews
  • Assessment of environmental requirements
  • Cost estimation and benchmarking
  • Assessment of plant condition and equipment
  • Risk assessment
  • Estimation of future market position of the fleet
  • Training in Energy Market fundamentals and Trading

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