Operational And Technical Assistance

Long-term O&M Technical Support

Client NOMAC Gulf Operation and Maintenance LLC 
Location United Arab Emirates
Expertise Operation & Maintenance, Technical Advisory, Clean Coal Generation, Mobilization, Commissioning, Long-term O&M Support

Preparing a new power plant for commercial operation is one of the most challenging endeavours. RWE was jointly engaged by the O&M service provider and the parent company respectively, to provide technical assistance (TA) in the area of operation and maintenance for a clean coal power project near Dubai. Upon completion the project is set to be the first coal-based power plant in the region.

Our support in mobilization, commissioning and O&M KPIs will play a key role in the operational excellence targets of our client.

As part of our long-term engagement with the client, RWE will apply O&M skills and knowledge gained from our own operational expertise as a power utility. 

Construction of the plant commenced in November 2016. It will comprise four units, each 600 MW, which are expected to start operations in 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 respectively. The plant is expected to produce sufficient electricity to power approximately 250,000 households. 

Our Services

  • Engineering reviews
  • Support during commissioning (handover/takeover)
  • Support in preparing commercial operation
  • LTSA for warranty management and O&M support
  • Mibilization concept and support
  • Operability review / O&M requirements
  • Operational excellence support during plant operation

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