The organisation of compliance

Anchored within fixed hierarchies

Relevance of compliance at all levels

The Chief Compliance Officer is Mr Christoph Meyer-Haferkamp. He is supported in the fulfilment of his duties both by the Compliance Managers in the team and by the Compliance Officers in the RWE companies. The focus of his work is on preventing corruption. Furthermore, it involves the development and implementation of export control measures and measures to prevent money laundering. 

In addition to the option of consulting a Compliance Officer, each member of staff should also be in a position to be able to identify compliance-relevant issues and to behave correctly. This is ensured by way of staff training, online learning programmes and other communication measures.

Employees who discover compliance violations but who do not want to contact their superior or the Compliance Officer have the option of getting in touch with an external contact partner for the RWE Group. 

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