We create a climate of inclusion and of mutual trust. This has positive impacts on our image with business partners and customers in Germany and in the rest of the world.

Charta of Diversity

The diversity of modern society, influenced by demographic change and globalisation, permeates business life in Germany. We can only be commercially successful if we recognise and use that diversity. This fact is equally relevant to the diversity of our workforce, the diverse needs of our customers and to our business partners. The diversity of our people, with their varied capabilities and talents, creates opportunities for innovative and creative solutions.

The implementation of the ‘Diversity Charter’ in our business has as its goal the creation of a work environment which is free from prejudice. All employees should feel valued, irrespective of gender, race, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or philosophy, disability, age, sexual orientation and identity. Positive acknowledgement and encouragement of this diverse potential creates commercial advantage for our business.

Within the framework of this Charter we will:

  1. Maintain a corporate culture which is characterised by mutual respect and the appreciation of the value of every individual. We will create the necessary conditions to ensure that both managers and their teams acknowledge these values, share them and live them. In this respect there is a particular responsibility on the managers and leaders of our business.
  2. Ensure that our personnel management processes are appropriate to manage the diverse talents and capabilities of our people so that they can deliver the performance that we expect of them.
  3. Acknowledge the diversity of society inside and outside our business, value the potential that lies within it, and deploy it profitably within our business.
  4. Ensure that the implementation of the charter and of our own diversity objectives is a subject for internal and external dialogue.
  5. Provide annual updates on our activities and progress in pursuit of our diversity and inclusion goals.
  6. Inform our people about Diversity and engage them in the implementation of our objectives and of the Charter.

We are convinced:

Embracing and valuing diversity has a positive effect on society and business in Germany.