Reconcilation of Work and Private Life


You can only concentrate on your work if you know that all members of your family are well cared for. Even during the holidays or when the little ones become ill or relatives need care. RWE helps and supports its employees with many offers.

Selected activities:

Childcare Facilities

Organising everyday life between work and family can become a complex challenge. Above all, it is not always easy to clarify the question of care for your child. The benefit-at-work team in cooperation with our Family Service will help you to master this challenge. Find out more about the various care options and use the placement service to guarantee suitable and loving care for your child.

Placement of Household Related Services

A project at work, school work with the children and on top of that shopping and housework? It is a real challenge to reconcile the demands of work and private life in such a way that neither one nor the other suffers and to find a little more time for oneself.

We support you in cooperation with our family service in the household with the advice and mediation of professional household services from the areas:

  • household care
  • window cleaning
  • gardening
  • laundry care

Care of Relatives

More and more employees in Germany are caring for a relative. This includes their own parents or those of their partners, but also their own partners and children with disabilities or special needs. A care situation is rarely predictable. Working people are faced with the enormous challenge of organising good solutions for the care of their relatives within a short period of time. Often this also means completely reorienting work and family.

When it comes to care, family cohesion, professional help and rational solutions are required. You want to be there for your relatives, but you also have to cope with your everyday life.