Creating a sustainable supply chain


Collaboration with other energy companies is absolutely essential in order to fulfil the requirements for sustainable production and transportation conditions in the coal supply chain. This is why we founded the Bettercoal initiative with other major European energy suppliers in 2012. By the end of 2017, 13 major European energy companies had joined the Bettercoal initiative. The Dutch ports, where most imported coal destined for Europe arrives, have also joined the initiative as associate members. 

Our aim: to improve coal production 

With audits in coal mines around the world and binding measures for remedying any shortcomings, Bettercoal contributes towards improving environmental protection over the long term, increases the quality of mining and working conditions and takes local residents’ interests into account. Bettercoal also welcomes an intensive dialogue with all interested groups and those affected, including mining companies and mine operators. Extensive information is available on the Bettercoal website, including on the coal mines in the initiative.

The aim of the Bettercoal initiative is to initiate improvements across all major production countries and to raise the standard of coal production worldwide to include acceptable environmental and social norms.