An overview of the current output of our power plants 

Transparency campaign 

Since 2007, RWE has been providing in-depth online information on power generation within its power plant portfolio. This marked the beginning of the transparency campaign, with RWE assuming a pioneering role within the European Union.

The topic of transparency now plays a central role across the entire European energy market. Since 2011, the EU has obliged all power plant operators to inform the public in as much detail as possible and as quickly as possible about the status of the current power generation capacities. Furthermore, companies must publish information about any incidents in their power plants that may lead to lower output or outages.

RWE publishes extensive data from its power plant portfolio in real time. In this way, all interested parties are able to get an overview of the output of RWE’s power plants both in Germany and abroad. RWE and its subsidiaries primarily generate electricity in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. 

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