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    Making carbon dioxide usable

    How can the CO2 that results from energy generation be made into a usable raw material? To answer this question, the EU and German government, among other sources, have funded three new scientific research pilot projects at the RWE Innovation Centre in Niederaussem. These CCU (carbon capture and usage) projects are developing innovative processes to create high-quality raw materials for the chemicals industry and general-use propellants.   

    high-quality raw materials for the chemicals industry as an alternative to crude oil and gas. RWE is involved in three European projects with a total volume of around €30 million. The test facilities at the RWE Coal Innovation Centre are available for use in the projects. Dozens of partners from around the world are on board. The pilot CO2 scrubbing plant in Niederaussem plays a major role here as a CO2 supplier and test platform.   

    The three projects, known as ALIGN-CCUS, OCEAN and LOTER.CO2M, are investigating different processes with different synthetic end products. The joint long-term goal of all of the projects is to boost the efficiency of the energy system as a whole by linking the sectors of power generation, industry and transport, as well as improving the carbon footprint across all sectors.