Multi fuel conversion

Innovative recycling plant becomes part of the Coal Innovation Centre in Niederaussem

The positive connotations of sewage sludge may be few and far between, but RWE sees things differently. The “Definition project to establish a virtual innovation and technology centre (ITZ) for the use of sustainable carbon sources to produce materials (carbon conversion/CC) in North Rhine-Westphalia”, in short ITZ-CC, has set itself the goal of making carbon and phosphorus found in sewage sludge reusable. In an initial sub-project, preparatory work for the construction and authorisation of a plant, which encompasses the entire conversion chain from the introduction of the sewage sludge and other raw materials containing carbon into a gasifier through to the production of phosphorus products and synthesis gas, will continue until the end of 2019. The plant itself is expected to be completed in a second project phase starting in 2020. The costs of the initial phase amount to approximately €2 million and 50% of this is being funded by the Ministry for Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalisation and Energy of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Detailed background information on the process and the use of sewage sludge as a raw material can be found here.