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Our energy for a sustainable life

Carbon neutral by 2040

Five billion euros net in renewables

Our energy for a sustainable life

We all need electricity

Children as well as adults, small companies as well as large ones. Wherever there is electricity, there is light, warmth and communication, production, medical care and mobility.

Electricity is life.

RWE has reliably supplied people and companies with electricity for more than 120 years – night and day. Many of us take electricity for granted. As well as the fact that it comes out of our sockets at any time. And we can, because power generators like RWE make sure that it does.

The way we generate power is changing fundamentally. Today, power generation is still carbon intensive.

We all agree that this has to change. And we are driving this change.

We decreased our carbon emissions by 62% in only eight years from 2012 to 2020. And that’s just the beginning. Modern society’s demand for electricity is increasing. We will generate that electricity in a way that allows people to combine sustainable living with high energy consumption.

To do so, we will be carbon-neutral by 2040. We will achieve that goal by consistently and responsibly withdrawing from fossil energy sources.

Our strategy at a glance

As a leading global renewables player, we want to strengthen this position, investing five billion euros net in renewables by 2022.

Our target:

being carbon neutral by 2040.

Moreover, we are entering the promising hydrogen technology and bringing it to market at full speed.

It should remain a matter of course that electricity comes out of our sockets:

clean, secure and affordable.

We will put all our energy into making a sustainable life possible.

Therefore, we have defined the purpose of the new RWE as:

“Our energy for a sustainable life”.

Our ambition

We will be carbon neutral by 2040, with clean, secure and affordable energy.

Our mission

From this goal we have derived our mission. It will guide all our future decisions at RWE.

  • We are investing massively in expanding renewables and are involved in innovative hydrogen projects. We are consistently reducing our carbon emissions until we become carbon neutral by 2040.
  • With our flexible fleet of power plants, we are supporting a secure energy supply and we are working on the storage technologies of the future. 
  • We grow and continuously add value to the company.
  • We are committed to climate-protection targets, engaged in creating high social standards and foster a diverse corporate culture. Our employees are committed and motivated.
  • Together with our partners we develop and implement attractive and innovative solutions for our customers - in all areas of our business. We drive technological progress.
  • We are proud of our roots and we are the responsible partners to the population and the regions we work in.

And if you require further information, feel free to contact us!

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