Ten principles for human rights and environmental protection

UN Global Compact

The RWE Group has belonged to the UN Global Compact, founded by former General Secretary of the United Nations Kofi Annan, since January 2004. By signing the ten basic principles of the UN Global Compact, RWE has committed to promoting human rights and environmental protection. We based our Code of Conduct on these principles and integrate them into our business processes through our corporate responsibility management programme. We publish regular reports on our progress. Since our business is to supply electricity, our key task is to maintain a permanently reliable energy supply for our customers that is environmentally friendly and fairly priced. The prerequisite for this is the use of cutting-edge technologies in our power plant portfolio, ongoing research and development work and the ambitious expansion of renewable energies, as well as the efficient use of energy by our customers. In the context of global climate change and increasing energy prices worldwide, we see it as our responsibility to pave the way by setting an example and by demonstrating how to achieve global economic growth without putting undue pressure on our environment and social systems. In an annual progress report, we explain the contribution we have made towards the global implementation of the principles in the Global Compact. 

The ten principles

As of April 2017 

Image credits: German Global Compact Network