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Reasons to invest in RWE

RWE is a leading producer of renewable energy and supports the secure supply of energy with a flexible power plant fleet

RWE is Europe's number 3 in power generation from renewable energy and the world's number two in offshore wind. We currently have a renewable energy generation portfolio of approximately 9 GW. Around 60% of the RWE Group's generation portfolio supplies electricity with little or no carbon emissions. In addition to the existing facilities, we have an attractive project portfolio of more than 15 GW, which will enable us to expand our position in renewables in Europe and North America. Our target is to invest up to €1.5 billion net in our renewables business each year.

RWE is a broad-based power generator that actively participates in the transformation of the energy sector towards climate-friendly power production. At the same time, the company supports a secure energy supply with its flexible power plants and works on sustainable storage technologies.

RWE remains an important pillar for security of supply in its three core regions

In conventional power generation, RWE remains a leader in our three core markets of Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Our diversified power plant portfolio of gas, hard coal, lignite, nuclear energy, hydro and biomass makes us resilient to the market risks of individual energy sources. With our power plants, we support grid stability and security of supply.

Given the increasing feed-in of renewables and the temporary or permanent decommissioning of lignite, coal and nuclear power plants, we assume that the security of electricity supply is increasingly being perceived as a critical factor for the success of the energy transition. Our business model builds on this: although RWE is one of the largest companies in the renewable energy sector, we continue to see ourselves as an important pillar for security of supply in our core regions.

For example, experts estimate that in our home market of Germany, at least 60 gigawatts of flexible power plants and storage facilities are needed in the long term to secure the power supply. We want to cover a part of that, first and foremost with our flexible power plants. In the future we will supplement this with new technologies (e. g. storage facilities), if this is technically possible and economically reasonable.

RWE Supply & Trading offers attractive returns and opportunities for organic growth

Energy trading covers the diverse field of activity of RWE Supply & Trading. The company acts as a commercial hub in the RWE Group. Its core business, energy trading, is the economic link between the elements of our value chain, the regional markets and the various raw materials. RWE Supply & Trading focuses on electricity, gas, coal, oil, carbon certificates and biomass.

In addition, it creates added value by optimising the use of our power plants commercially. In addition to trading-based portfolio management, it also offers long-term supply concepts to large industrial companies and trading partners. Another area of activity is the gas and LNG business, which includes the procurement, transport, storage and resale of gas and LNG. In the coming years, we will focus on organic growth at RWE Supply & Trading.

RWE is committed to paying a sustainable dividend

For fiscal year 2018, a dividend of €0.70 per share was distributed. For the 2019 financial year, the Management Board of RWE AG aims to increase the dividend to €0.80 per share. In doing so, we are guided by the distributable cash flow, which is at our free disposal for the long term. For the year 2020, our dividend policy aims to return to a payout ratio based on the adjusted net income. The dividend for the 2019 financial year should be a lower limit for the coming years.