Procuring energy securely and trading it globally

RWE is one of the biggest energy suppliers in Europe – and with the launch of RWE Renewables it is also the leading force worldwide in renewables. Our mines and power plants, where we turn lignite and coal, gas, uranium, water and biomass into electricity, shape their local regions – in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. They guarantee affordable security of supply in their respective countries – and also within the European grid system. In addition, we operate wind farms and solar plants with several gigawatts of capacity beyond the borders of Europe, in particular in North America.

RWE is a strong partner on the path to a renewable future. The company covers the entire spectrum of secure and clean power generation – with flexible conventional power plants as well as with wind farms, solar and hydropower plants. RWE Supply & Trading, RWE’s international trading house, is the hub and connector between these worlds. It specialises in energy trading, providing solutions for industrial customers, optimising power plant deployment and selling gas storage capacity. The storage units are a key component in securing the supply of natural gas. 

24 hours a day, seven days a week, the experts from RWE Supply & Trading buy and sell electricity, gas, commodities and CO2 allowances. The company operates not only in Essen on one of the largest commodities trading floors in Europe; it is also active in London, Prague and New York, as well as on emerging markets, in particular in Asia – with representatives in Singapore and China. With the Easy Commodity Trader (ECT), we enable our customers to improve their gas and electricity positions and to lower their market costs. And VIEW offers exclusive online information about the international energy markets as well as the entire range of products and services offered by RWE.

Maatoplossingen voor onze klanten

RWE Supply & Trading (RWEST) is meer dan een handelsonderneming die actief is op de internationale energiemarkten. Haar productportfolio omvat ook verschillende diensten en servicepakketten voor handelspartners, nutsbedrijven en klanten uit de industrie aan wie RWEST energieoplossingen op maat levert. Dan gaat het bijvoorbeeld om het optimaliseren van bedrijfsmiddelen, de bouw en exploitatie van zeer efficiënte energiecentrales voor onze klanten en het afdekken van temperatuurrisico's.

Met de Easy Commodity Trader (ECT) kunnen onze klanten hun positie op de gas- en elektriciteitsmarkt versterken en hun kosten verlagen. En VIEW geeft ze exclusieve, online informatie over de internationale energiemarkten, en over het volledige product- en dienstenaanbod van RWE.

Global consulting services

In today’s globalised world, energy knows no borders. RWE realised this early on. Back in the 1960s, our experts were already exporting their mining expertise around the world – to Australia, India and South Africa, for example. This was the basis for what became RWE Technology International (RWETI), which was founded in 2015.

Today, this company’s services go far beyond its original consulting remit. In addition to offering support in mining, its international customers can also draw on extensive expertise in power plant construction, modernisation, retrofitting, auditing and repairs. Our team of experts is also happy to help with financial aspects and the optimisation of management structures – from workflows to documentation. Specific local workshops are just as much a part of the programme as improving the environmental credentials of our customers’ power stations and mines.

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