Frechen factory

Lignite refining

Facts and figures

Factory location Frechen, North Rhine-Westphalia
Factory type Coal refining (briquettes, fluidised-bed lignite and pulverised lignite)
Commissioned in 1902
Capacity Up to 6.5 million t/a raw lignite
Factory equipment 32 driers, 40 briquette presses, 14 vibration rod mills

Energy for industry and domestic use

The Frechen factory (Rhein-Erft district) focuses its production on briquettes and pulverised lignite. Briquettes are used for home heating and industry, pulverised lignite is for industrial use only. 

Energy is generated in two fluidised-bed power plant boilers and three mill-fired boilers. Fine-grained raw lignite is stirred up by an air current and fired. This process ensures a high burn-up at a relatively low temperature. Sewage sludge is co-fired in both fluidised-bed boilers in order to dispose of waste material, for example from municipal water utilities, in an environmentally sound manner, while generating energy at the same time. All boilers work according to the combined heat and power principle, which means that they generate electricity as well as hot steam for drying raw lignite. 

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