Embedded assets

RWE Generation UK operate, maintain and own many different types of embedded generation plant including Open Cycle Gas Turbines (OCGT), Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT), Combined Heat and Power Plants (CHP) and Gas Engines.

Embedded asset sites are connected directly to local area power networks and not the 400kV National Grid.  This enables them to operate in different commercial markets – the main purpose of these sites are to:

  • provide quick backup power acting as “Peaking Plant” (OCGTs & Gas Engines)
  • supply local customers with Steam &/or Power (CHPs)

The Embedded Asset Sites operated by RWE in the UK are:

  • Bristol OCGT* (Bristol) – 50MW
  • Cheshire OCGT (Ellesmere Port) – 40MW
  • Cheshire Gas Engines* (Ellesmere Port) - 18MW
  • Cowes OCGTs (Isle of Wight) – 140MW
  • Croydon OCGT* (London) – 50MW
  • Derby OCGT (Derby) – 50MW
  • Didcot OCGTs (Oxford) – 100MW
  • Exeter OCGT* (Exeter) – 50MW
  • Grimsby Gas Engines (Grimsby) – 20MW
  • Heartlands OCGTs* (Birmingham) - 100MW
  • Hythe OCGT (Southampton) – 53MW
  • INEOS CHP* (Middlesbrough) – 80MW
  • Seal Sands CHP** (Middlesbrough) – 58MW
  • Viking OCGT* (Middlesbrough) – 50MW


CCGTs – Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (Water/Steam cycle power plant with main heat source being Gas Turbine/s exhaust)

CHP – Combined Heat & Power Plant (generally CCGTs with power and Steam supplies to a contracted neighbour/host)

Gas Engines – Reciprocating Engines (like big containerised lorry engines) connected to generators that run on mains natural gas

OCGTs – Open Cycle Gas Turbines (versions of aeroplane engines connected to electrical generators)

* RWE does not own these sites but operates them on behalf of a customer.

** currently runs in CCGT mode only

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