In most cases emergency generators are not used apart from trial operations. However, these assets can provide much more than secure power supply during mains failure. With support from RWE, you can use your backup generator to reduce your operating costs and even generate additional revenues. Of course, the primary function of emergency power supply remains unrestricted.

Your benefit

You can turn the power of your emergency generator into cash by RWE helping you to use it at only a few, but just the right times per year. RWE, as one of the leading energy suppliers in Europe, offers significantly more options than most competitors, hence you can benefit in several ways:

Your emergency generator can provide so-called “balancing energy” to stabilise the public transmission grid. In addition, it can provide energy to the distribution grid during peak load times. Both use cases generate attractive revenues. Furthermore, the targeted use of your unit can reduce your cost of purchasing electricity from the public grid.

Next to these economic advantages, there are also technical benefits. For example, the reliability of your emergency generator improves as the test operations at low load are replaced by targeted operations under high load; these cause less wear. Since there are only a few extra operations, your maintenance cycle will not be affected.

Our approach