Technical Due Diligence supports investor

Technical advisor with Partner EMCP

Client CEZ
Location Germany / Czech Republic
Expertise Technical Due Diligence, Asset Valuation, Lignite Power Plant, Hydro Power Plant, Lifetime Assessment


Potential power plant investors seeking assurance that their investments are not stranded, often call on us to provide technical advice and engineering services before final investment decision. This has been the case with our client, who intended to acquire the Lignite Related Business and Hydro Business of a divesting power utility in Germany.  As independent engineering partner we have been involved jointly with another contractor to prepare a technical due diligence for the client. The key challenge was to compile and evaluate a large amount of project data within a short period.

The primary focus of RWE’s role in this due diligence was to evaluate  the assets and review operational management . Our services include  to conduct site visits, analyze financial vendor due diligence reports and provide a comprehensive report reviewing all the technical and operational aspects of the lignite portfolio (7.6 GW) and the hydro porfolio (2.7 GW, seven pumped storage plants, three run-of-river plants). 

On conducting a thorough evaluation of the plants technical condition including remaining lifetime assumptions, maintenance status-quo, equipment age and reliability, as well as compliance with current and future legal frameworks, we further supported our clients information appetite. 

In summary, we provided a qualitative risk assessment of the technical and operational asset condition.

With the support and information provided by us, the client achieved a thorough understanding of all the technical aspects and in particular the potential key issues and concerns of the project. 

Our Services

  • Technical Due Diligence Support
  • Evaluation of lignite power plant portfolio condition
  • Evaluation of hydro power plant portfolio condition
  • Technology benchmarking & design review “Lignite Generation Unit” /  “Hydro Unit”
  • Lignite resource and quality assessment
  • Lifetime assessment
  • Permitting review
  • Framework review
  • Contractual review

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