Sabrina Fischer

Proposal Manager

Prior to joining the proposals team, one of Sabrina's earlier forays into managing tenders was controlling client projects where she focused on financial aspects by supporting the proposal management.

Sabrina started her professional career at RWE within the Energy Management field. In the following years she gained experience in several functions as proposal management, hiring and consulting subcontractors, various commercial aspects and financial reporting. 12+ years in the biz, all by RWE, Sabrina is a leader in economic aspects of client projects. Her vast practical experience within the RWE Group have led to her expert knowledge in organisation, management of different teams, cooperation with customers and partners.

Sabrina holds a Certificate as a State Examined Business Manager in Business Informatics and Organisation from Berufskolleg Deutzer Freiheit in Cologne, Germany. 

What gives you most satisfaction in your work?

Working in teams with different experiences on different projects.

Why did you choose RWE TI?

Working in external projects and different countries.

“You have the choice!”
What it means to me:

It’s up to you to change things and I do my best that this will be successful.