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Shaping the future of energy together

This is RWE

We drive the energy transition – and set ourselves ambitious targets

Electricity is the lifeblood of our modern digitalised society. Data networks, transport, competitive industries and building infrastructures have one thing in common: they are all powered by electricity, which has become the most important type of energy. The further digitalisation and electrification advance, the greater the demand for a constant and secure supply of electricity. This presents society with an enormous challenge: to meet growing electricity demand while at the same time protecting the climate. We produce this electricity – in a clean, safe and affordable way. We are investing massively in expanding renewables and storage technologies. With our flexible power plant fleet, we support a secure energy supply. We have a clear target: to be carbon neutral by 2040.

On the way to a new RWE

What the new RWE is all about

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With its four subsidiaries RWE Power, RWE Generation, RWE Supply & Trading and RWE Renewables – RWE AG is a leading player in the field of renewable energy. And it is clearly set for growth. It keeps pace with the times and is an important driver of the transformation towards the age of renewables. Change is part of RWE’s DNA. It is the prerequisite for remaining sustainable. Through innovation and investment, the new RWE is creating the foundation for a carbon neutral future.  

RWE Renewables

RWE Renewables is the newest subsidiary of RWE and is responsible for the renewable energy business. In practical terms this means around 3,500 highly qualified employees, business in 15 countries around the globe and a portfolio of assets with a capacity of more than 9 GW. These impressive figures make the company a “super player” right from the start. And the focus is very clearly on growth, there are plenty of projects in the pipeline. Around 1.5 billion euros are to be invested annually in renewables and storage technologies; in all our technologies – offshore and onshore wind as well as photovoltaics. Together with its partners, the company will be able to create an extra 2 to 3 GW per year in this way and a large share of that capacity will be added to the RWE Renewables portfolio.

RWE Generation

With its highly efficient power plants in Germany, the UK and the Netherlands, RWE Generation’s approximately 3,100 employees produce electricity from gas, hard coal, hydropower and biomass. Its gas fleet is the fourth largest in Europe. An excellent starting position, since gas is playing an increasingly important role as a bridge into the age of renewables. One of the energy sources used by the company is biomass, in particular in the Netherlands where two hard-coal-fired power plants are being converted to the carbon-neutral fuel. RWE also operates hydro-electric power plants in many core markets. 

RWE Power

RWE Power’s conventional power plants are the backbone for providing security of supply. The company has approximately 11,000 employees and produces electricity from lignite and nuclear energy. Those fuels reliably produce electricity when the wind and the sun are not available. Currently, they generate around 15% of the total electricity output in Germany. The lignite-fired power plants are supplied from nearby opencast mines, so the entire value creation process from mining to electricity generation takes place in the Rhenish lignite-mining area.  

RWE Supply & Trading

RWE Supply & Trading provides the interface between RWE and energy markets around the globe. Around 1,600 employees from 40 countries trade electricity, gas, commodities and CO2 emission certificates. The trading company is also responsible for commercial asset optimisation at RWE, operates natural gas storage facilities and markets green electricity produced by RWE Renewables. In addition to physical and derivative commodities, the trading portfolio comprises emissions certificates, freight, weather derivatives and biomass. RWE Supply & Trading offers major industrial companies and trading partners trading-based portfolio management, long-term supply concepts and risk management solutions. In all our activities we actively support technological progress. 

We will be carbon neutral by 2040, with clean, secure and affordable energy.

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