Biomass Co-firing Project Support

Supporting CO2-neutral power generation

Client RWE Generation
Location Germany / United Kingdom / Netherlands
 Expertise Co-combustion, Biomass Co-firing, Hard coal, CO2 mitigation,
Fuel flexibility


In light of the transformation towards climate neutrality, RWE is working actively to reduce CO2 emissions in its generation portfolio. Especially regards the hard coal-fired plants across Europe, RWE parcially replaces coal by co-firing wood pellets.

Assigned by RWE Generation (Power Unit), our role as lead engineer includes the project development, tendering and execution to retrofit several hard coal-fired plants to co-fire biomass.

The main challenges of co-firing are related to the properties of different fuel types combusted, particularly the calorific value, moisture content, ash production and combustion characteristics. As such, various technologies perform differently depending on the biomass type and the quantities co-fired. 

Our combustion experts are highly experienced in the different combustion and fuel switching technologies, additional equipment, storage and transport needs as well as the associated investment and operating costs.

Our Services

  • Owner’s Engineer and Lead Consultant
  • Project Development 
  • Co-Combustion Technical Assumptions
  • Fuel Cost Analysis
  • Investment and Operating Cost Assupmtions
  • Tendering
  • Construction Supervision 
  • Co-Combustion Installation and Testing 

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